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2024 Surveys
Resources for J-1s
Livability Survey
Climate Action Plans

2023 Surveys
Inclusionary Zoning
STR Regulations Matrix
CAST Member Housing Goals
Performing Arts Facilities
Phased Construction
Childcare-Program Support/Funding
PFAS Survey

2022 Surveys
CAST Ballot Initiative Results
Recommended Skill Set & Expertise for Town/City Manager
Parking Structures
Housing Nexus Study-Firm Recommendations
CAST STR Ordinances Matrix
Summer Stress
Elected Officials Compensation
Lodging & STR Taxes

2021 Surveys
Ballot Measure Results on Housing & STRs
Compensation for Public Bodies
Logistics of Housing Projects
Summary of CAST Affordable Housing Efforts
Planning for 5G
CAST STR Ordinances
Post Office Service
Resort Contributions & Transit

2020 Surveys
Alcohol Consumption in Public Spaces
Mountain Town COVID Programs & Actions

2019 Surveys
In-Town Camping
Post Office Survey
Sidewalk Snow Removal
Engaging Federal Lobbyists

2018 Surveys
E-Bike Report

2017 Surveys
Elected Official Compensation
Short Term Rental Monitoring Services
Parking Stock Comparison
Tenant Protection
Snow Removal/Storage on Municipal Streets
Airline Minimum Revenue Guarantees (MRGs)
Residency Requirements for Public Employees
Manager Recruitment Approach and Services

2016 Surveys
Housing Occupancy Limits
Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) Budgets
Mountain Town Tax Rate Comparison

2015 Surveys
Managers Salaries and Benefits

2014 Surveys
Retail Marijuana
Parks and Recreation Funding
Plastic Bag Ordinances Follow-Up Survey

2013 Surveys
Aspen – Health & Human Services
Park City – Affordable Housing
Breckenridge – Outdoor Art Fairs & Markets

2012 Surveys
Fraser – Recycling
Snowmass Village – Plastic Bag Ordinances
Vail – Compensation Survey
Silverton – Outdoor Ice Rink Survey

2010-2011 Surveys
Breckenridge – Central Reservations
Aspen – Energy Code & Green Building Program
Silverton – Snow Route Enforcement
Estes Park – Municipal Holidays
Steamboat Springs – Marketing Funding
DOLA – Vertical Zoning
Aspen – Short-Term Rentals
Avon – Short-Term Rentals

Pre-2010 Surveys
Affordable Living for Real People
Airline Guarantees and Service
CAST Meeting Topics Survey
Citizen Satisfaction Survey
Commercial Outdoor Decks
Condo Conversions
Hours of Construction Regulation
Crosswalks Intersecting Roads
Chamber Funding
Economic Development Director Survey
Employee Housing Allowances
Fire Impact Fees
Health Care Availability and Cost
Health Insurance Survey
Hotel to Condo Conversion
Immigration-State Services Bill
Impact Fees for Down Payment Assistance
Inclusionary Zoning
Long Term Vehicle Parking/Storage
Manager Search Firms
New Year’s Eve
Non-Profit Grant Process
Outside Vendors
Real Estate Transfer Tax Community Benefits
Colorado Resort Town Sales Tax Projections
Telluride School District Affordable Housing Mitigation
Town Funding of Search and Rescue
Senior Housing
Ski Club Support
Ski Area Benefits for Town Employees
Relationship with Ski Companies
Town Owned Employee Housing
Manager Housing Allowance
Public vs. Private Transit Competition
Vertical Zoning
Community WiFi
Wood Burning Stoves
Downpayment Assistance
Chamber Services
Fire Access Easements