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Associate Member Policy

Colorado Association of Ski Towns

Approved: June 23, 2016

Pursuant to Article 7, Section 2, Subsection F, of the Colorado Association of Ski Towns (“CAST”) bylaws “[t]he Board of Directors may reject any application for Associate Membership, for any reason or for no reason.” Further, pursuant to Article 7, Section 6, of CAST’s bylaws “[t]he Board of Directors may from time to time abolish existing, or establish additional, classes of members, including determining the criteria for membership in all such classes of members.”

Based on the foregoing, the Board of Directors of CAST is hereby establishing a policy whereby it generally will not approve membership applications for Associate Members whose primary intent is to market their goods and services to CAST or its members. However, the Board of Directors acknowledges there may be organizations or persons whose goods and services may be of substantial benefit to CAST or a majority of its members.  Ultimately, the Board of Directors shall make the foregoing determination in its sole discretion.